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Stephen David Brooks is a filmmaker with well‐honed technical and creative prowess. Having started his career in Visual Effects (eventually rising to the level of Visual Effects Supervisor) Stephen turned his creative talents to writing and eventually directing. Mentored early on by VFX legends (and Oscar winners) John Dykstra and Richard Edlund his path to Directing came through the Visual Effects Departments of large-scale studio films. During these years of immersion in the craft of VFX, Stephen began writing late at night. And early in the morning. And late at night. He wrote and developed a potent treasure chest of original stories, which he nurtured and polished throughout the years. Word got out that Stephen's talents and ingenuity spanned out far beyond VFX supervision.



In typical Hollywood fashion, when word gets out…the phone starts ringing. In 1993 Stephen was commissioned to write a screenplay adaptation of Stephen King's short story THE MANGLER under the direct supervision of Mr. King himself. Stephen was also asked to Direct Second Unit as well as supervise the VFX for the film. Upon completion, and New Line’s distribution of the film, Mr. King officially added Stephen to his short list of “Stephen King Approved" Screenwriters. From there Stephen continued to direct

second units and write screenplays for hire, including the horror films SPIDERS and SPIDERS 2 for Avi Lerner’s Nu Image. Stephen also directed 2nd unit on those films.


Over the years Stephen has written many work-for-hire scripts that ended up in development hell. Among these are THE RAVEN for legendary producer Harry Alan Towers as well as early drafts of Stephen King’s THE MIST for director Tobe Hooper.


Stephen also directed many 2nd units for action films from legendary producer Avi Lerner, including 2002’s AIR PANIC.


Eventually Stephen felt his own stories calling him forth to make the leap into the director’s chair. He warmed up with a few indie films that were well received on the festival circuit, including his feature directorial debut HEADS N TAILZ.



Stephen's films have screened, won audience and Jury awards at: Cannes, ECU The European Independent Film Festival, The Chelsea Film Festival, Worldfest Houston, Dances With Films,  The Monaco Independent Film Festival, The Idyllwild Festival of Cinema, Ramsgate International Film & Television Festival, Festival du Film de Strasbourg, and The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.


In 2016 Stephen's film FLYTRAP was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. The mixture of comedy and sci‐fi made this “An unexpected little paranoia trip” according to Ain’t It

Cool News.



Stephen’s music video “Deal Me In” has received 100K views on Youtube in its first two weeks of release and was short‐listed for a Grammy (Video of the Year.)



2019 ended with two more major music video projects. THE TEARAWAYS “The Wrecking Crew” was labelled Coolest Song of the Month by Little Steven Van Zandt and his video “Outlaws” was short-listed for a Video of the Year Grammy.


Stephen will be directing his original screenplay MEET THE PUMPS for Executive Producer/Music Director Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes)



Having been raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stephen profoundly understands emotional depths and has always had a fondness for applying cutting edge technology and techniques to his artistic endeavors. Particularly for a "Techie”; Stephen's humanity is both actualized and foreground.


Stephen was on the jury for last year’s Raindance Film Festival in London.


Stephen is repped by Lara Rosenstock at Lara Rosenstock Management.

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